Camelot COVID-19 Cautionary Measures Taken

Dear Camelot Residents,

You are probably aware that the corona virus outbreak has become increasingly dangerous throughout the United States.  That is true for our local community of El Paso, as well! In an attempt to keep our residents and staff safe, we are implementing the following restrictions:

  • The office will remain open, however, the door will be locked. Rebeca will be on site to oversee daily activities, but will not be interacting with the residents or the outside community.  If you have a need to communicate with her, please call the office number – 533-6297. She will, of course, be answering the phone.
  • Maintenance will temporarily halt the work on the patios and balconies in the Round Table area. They will finish the units they are currently working on but will not continue construction at this time.
  • To assure that the property is continuously maintained, the maintenance staff will be here during regular work hours. However, they will not be entering any units for repair unless it is an absolute emergency.


We are all in this unfortunate situation together, but hopefully we will remain healthy as we do our part to limit contact with others and take all precautionary measures to follow the given guidelines outlined by the CDC.


Thank you,

Board of Directors

Camelot Townhomes

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